My Best Whittling Kits for Beginners

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Embarking on the craft of whittling requires minimal space and specialized tools—just a sharp knife and wood. For beginners, selecting the right whittling knife or tools can be daunting. To set off on the right foot, a whittling kit proves indispensable. In this exploration, I delve into the realm of whittling kits, unraveling their essence and reviewing some ideal choices for beginners.

A whittling kit serves as a curated collection of tools tailored to assist beginners in their foray into whittling. These kits encompass essential tools for initiating your maiden whittling project, typically including a set of wood carving knives, sharpening tools, wood carving gloves, and a selection of basswood to kickstart your carving endeavors.

Let’s delve into some noteworthy options for the best whittling kits:

Whittling Kit To Get As a Beginner


FLEXCUT has been a stalwart in the woodcarving realm since the ’80s, offering an array of products, including the KN500 3-piece knife starter set. Catering to both novices and professionals, this set comprises the KN12 cutting knife, KN13 detail knife, and KN14 roughing knife. The knives, adorned with thick wooden handles, ensure comfort during prolonged carving sessions. With razor-sharp edges, these knives maintain their cutting prowess, and a provided polishing compound aids in effortless maintenance.

FLEXCUT Carving Knives

These knives boast a comfortable grip, exceptional sharpness, and remarkable edge retention—ideal for those diving into wood carving. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone starting on their carving journey. Don't forget to invest in a leather strop to maintain their stellar performance over time.

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2. BeaverCraft S15

BeaverCraft, a reputable name in wood carving tools, presents the S15 whittling wood carving kit. This comprehensive kit encompasses three sets of whittling knives, a leather strop with polishing compound, and a convenient tools pouch for secure storage. The well-built knives feature comfortable handles, ensuring ease even during extended whittling endeavors. The accompanying strop facilitates smooth cutting by maintaining the knives’ edges effectively.

BeaverCraft Wood Carving Kit S15

For those aspiring to delve into whittling as a hobby, I highly suggest considering this set. It provides all the essential tools necessary to commence your whittling journey at an affordable price. Please note that the set does not include safety gloves, a valuable addition, particularly for beginners.

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3. Cor Cordium Whittling Kit

Though less renowned in wood carving, the Cor Cordium Wood Whittling Kit offers a budget-friendly yet quality option for beginners. This kit includes three whittling knives, eight basswood woodblocks, safety cutting gloves, and a polishing compound with a leather strap. The knives boast commendable quality, with ergonomic handles, though they may pose a slight challenge for those with smaller hands. The inclusion of safety gloves enhances protection, while the basswood pieces provide an excellent starting point for honing different whittling cuts.

Wood Whittling Kit

This kit is perfect for beginners, offering everything you need to kickstart your whittling journey. With whittling knives and safety gloves included, every aspect is well-covered in this comprehensive whittling kit.

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What’s Included in a Whittling Kit?

While the core components of most whittling kits encompass a set of whittling knives and essential sharpening tools, certain kits like Cor Cordium and Elemental Tools go a step further, incorporating wood carving gloves and a selection of basswoods to facilitate a seamless start. Here are key tools and accessories typically found in a comprehensive whittling kit.

  1. Whittling Knives:
    • Purposeful Blades: A paramount tool in the whittling process, the whittling knife plays a central role. Maintaining its sharpness is crucial for effortless wood cutting and ensuring safety during usage. Whittling kits feature diverse types of knives such as hook knives, sloyd knives, and detail knives, each serving specific functions.
  2. Sharpening Tools:
    • Keen Edge Maintenance: Whittling kits commonly include sharpening tools, ensuring that your whittling knives remain consistently sharp. This aids not only in enhancing their longevity but also in sustaining optimal performance.
  3. Wood Carving Gloves:
    • Safety First: Some advanced whittling kits, like those by Cor Cordium and Elemental Tools, incorporate safety gear such as wood carving gloves. These gloves are crucial for protecting hands, especially for beginners, ensuring a secure and injury-free whittling experience.
  4. Basswood Assortment:
    • Starting Material: Certain whittling kits provide a selection of basswoods, offering a convenient starting point for beginners. These wood blocks enable practicing various whittling cuts and initiating the first whittling project without the hassle of searching for suitable wood.

In essence, a well-equipped whittling kit encompasses a range of tools and accessories, catering to both novice and seasoned whittlers. The inclusion of diverse knives, sharpening tools, safety gear, and starting materials ensures a comprehensive and enjoyable whittling experience.


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