Enhancing The Character of Wood, One Project At a Time

Here I write about the world of woodworking and most importantly finishing. You'll find helpful; information on oils, stains, varnishes, waxes, paints, polishes, and much more.

My approach is simple. I believe woodworking should be awesome. it should be fun, well-written, smart, and most importantly give you the right information.

Make Wood Better

I started woodworking a long time ago in my father's workshop. Back in the day, I could help with minor chores like sanding, rubbing the wood stain with a rug, or painting over wood. Looking back, I realize I became a pretty good finisher just from learning through my father.

At the time, reading woodworking magazines was one of the ways to get information on wood and wood finishes. However, due to limited information, this was very confusing. I found myself drifting off and losing interest in wood finishing.

After years, I reunited with an old friend at an event, which led to a lengthy conversation, and so on. To catch up, he invited me to a wood finishing seminar. That was the new start I needed.

You see, if you're not doing wood finishing regularly, there is no way you can get good at it by only trial and error alone.

Over the coming months, I attended seminars and conventions and spent time talking to other people who could help me understand wood finishes better. Slowly, I began making sense of wood finishes, which helped me solve some of my problems.

In this small blog, I will explain wood finishing more straightforwardly to make you understand. Here, you’ll learn everything about wood finishes, techniques, and many other things to help you grow in this craft.

And listen: could be better. I make mistakes. I am flying solo out here without an army of fact-checkers and editors. Sometimes a stat or feature slips past me. If you see an error, let me know so I can fix it.